Send some festive cheer with our Christmas cards for kids

Our Christmas cards for kids are just one of the ways you can send festive cheer. We have everything from cute cartoons for granddaughters, grandsons, nieces and nephews, to funny Christmas cards for toddlers that feature elves, fairies, unicorns and penguins.

Christmas is all about creating magical memories that will last a lifetime. Help make this year as special as possible for the children in your life with our charming range of Christmas cards for kids. We have in-store cards and personalised Christmas cards for children sure to put a smile on their face this festive season.

How about sending a personalised greeting? With some of our Christmas cards for children you can do just that. You can make each and every child feel more loved with bespoke Xmas card ideas.

With prices starting from just 99p, you could even create a Christmas card for every kid in their class! Simply pick your design and then update the template with the image, message or name and we’ll do the rest. Within minutes you can create a whole host of Christmas cards for kids!

So, what are you waiting for? Add some extra sparkle for the little ones in your life when you choose our Christmas cards for children. Available online or in our UK stores.