Easy use, cheap helium gas canisters that you can use again and again

If you love our huge selection of party balloons, then you need to know about our helium gas canister range that’ll let you inflate all your favourite balloons, no matter the event you’re throwing. Helium canisters typically don’t come cheap, but for just over £20 you can get an easy to operate balloon canister that’ll fill as many as 30 balloons, so you know you’re getting value for money for a few parties ahead – or at least one very big one!

If you’ve ever seen one of our helium balloons or helium balloon displays before, you’ll know how great they are as party decorations or a bit of birthday fun. One thing you might not have thought about, however, is getting those balloons inflated in the first place.

With lots of our best helium balloon options arriving to your door deflated, you need something to get them blown up! Enter our cheap helium gas canisters and inflators – your affordable solution for helping create your ideal party settings.

We also offer an electric air inflator for easy inflation of non-helium balloons and a number of kits for sale that include both balloons and a helium canister for a complete party solution. Shop our full online range today or pay us a visit at any of our UK stores, where you’ll find a selection of our best party options.