Spell out what you’re celebrating with letter balloons!

Our large letter balloons can make sure everyone knows exactly who or what you’re celebrating!

Perfect for any party, these 16-inch foil letter balloons let you create personalised messages, stylish decorations and a fun party atmosphere. Set up name balloons or spell out full messages by joining individual letters together to create banners perfect for social media photoshoots.

From ‘Happy Birthday’ in gold to ‘Hen Party’ in silver or ‘Baby’ in blue, the options are endless and every message will look awesome. All our air-filled letter balloons have reusable seals and can be used again and again so you could even get the whole alphabet. Simply inflate the letters you need for the occasion and deflate the rest!

If you want to take the party up a notch, why not explore our full range of balloons too? Find fantastic balloon bouquets, build elaborate arches or even add your own photos to make the celebration one to remember...