Be sincere with a personalised sorry card

Whatever your reason for making an apology, there’s no better way to say “I’m sorry” than with a heartfelt sorry card. With countless designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect card for an apology that your friend or relative will truly appreciate.

Sincerely personalised so that your loved one’s name appears on the front, it’ll be simply impossible for them not to forgive you! Shop our selection of sorry cards for sale in one of our UK stores or browse online today. Whether it’s a family squabble that’s been blown out of proportion or trouble in paradise with your partner, we all know things can happen. Once we’ve had time to cool off, the path to reconciliation is the next challenge we face.

At Card Factory, we’ve got you covered with our wide selection of sorry cards. With a vast range to choose from, including pre-made and personalised sorry cards, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect card to make an apology in a way that’s authentic to you.

It may be that you’ve not fallen out with anyone at all, but you know someone who is going through a hard time, and you want to show your support. Opening an apology card that’s bespoke to your loved one is a sure way to make them smile when things are tough. Whether through humour, kind words, poetry, or a printed design that brings back a happy memory: if you want to really show you care, there’s no better way than choosing one of our personalised sorry cards.

To get started with personalising your sorry card, select an item and follow the process online when you click the “Personalise” button. If you have any queries, contact us and one of our team members will be happy to help.