Balloon Information

How can I get my balloons inflated in-store?

Step 1: Choose from our wide range of balloons by clicking here

Step 2: Have your balloon delivered to your home address.
Please ensure the “send inflated” box is NOT ticked so that you receive your balloon deflated in its original packaging)

Step 3: Use our store locator to find your local cardfactory store.
For purchases containing multiple balloons, please use the contact number provided on the store locator to arrange the inflation.

Step 4: Take your balloons to your local cardfactory store and our helpful colleagues will inflate the balloons for you.
Additional items such as balloon weights and centrepieces are also available to purchase on your visit.

How to Look after Your Balloons:

  • In order to keep your balloons inflated for the inflation period we advise, we would suggest following these guidelines:
  • Please remove balloons from the bags or box as soon as arriving home or at the venue to ensure that the balloons are allowed to float freely.
  • Keep balloons at a room temperature to ensure they stay inflated for their guaranteed inflation period set by cardfactory*.
  • Never leave balloons in a car, garage or cold room overnight. Cold air causes the balloon to deflate faster than the inflation period we have advised.

Also please remember:

  • Please do not release helium balloons into the environment as they can harm wildlife and farm animals. They can also litter the countryside and coast. Enjoy your balloon and, when it is deflated, dispose of it responsibly. 
  • Balloons are intended for display purposes, increased handling may cause damage to the balloon.
  • Balloons are intended for indoor use. If choosing to display outdoors please take weather conditions into consideration.
  • Never use a metallic ribbon with a foil balloon.
  • Some balloons may conduct electricity - Do not release near overhead power lines.
  • Excessive heat could cause the balloon to burst.

Balloon & Helium FAQs

All foil balloons purchased from cardfactory with a valid proof of purchase such as your order confirmation will be inflated for FREE.

Latex balloons are charged at £1.49 per balloon for inflation.

We would also advise you to purchase a carrier bag when in store to transport your balloons home or to your venue.

Giant Foil Balloons: 4-5 days

18" Foil Balloons: 6-7 days

Super Shapes: 6-7 days

Cubez and Orbz: 6-7 days

Latex Balloon (with hi-float): 18-24 hours

Latex Balloon (with standard helium): 5-6 hours

Confetti Balloon (with standard helium): 5-6 hours

Yes! You are able to contact/visit your local store and choose the balloons you wish to order. If you speak to one of our helpful colleagues in store they will fill out a “Balloon Order Form” for you to take away.

The store will inflate your balloons in time for your arrival on your chosen day and display them as you have requested.

During the cold weather your balloons are likely to deflate immediately after leaving the store, don’t worry, this is completely normal. You will be able to take your balloon home back into the warmth and it will re-inflate.

If you have damaged your balloon since leaving the store, please contact our In-store Customer Service team by email with images of your item. To visit our contact us page please click here.