Add a splash of colour with our tissue paper

If you want to make your gifts look extra special this year, add a finishing touch with our tissue paper. We have a wide range of coloured tissue paper available. Keep it classic with block colours or opt for metallic gold and silver to add a touch of glamour. Whether you’re wrapping a gift for a friend, family member, spouse or colleague, we have coloured tissue paper to suit their style.

Wrapping a gift for Christmas? We’ve got you covered with our festive-themed coloured tissue paper. Choose from snowflakes, Christmas trees and candy cane stripes.

Once you’ve chosen your tissue paper, remember to pick up some bits and pieces to add a touch of flair to your presents. We have a wide range of bows and ribbons to make your gift to the next level.

Tissue paper isn’t just for wrapping. You can also use it to line a gift box or bag to nestle your presents into. Choose a colour that complements the bag and any accessories you’re using to decorate it.

Our beautiful range of tissue paper is for sale online, so you can order everything you need without even leaving the sofa. With prices starting at just 99p, you’ll find all the bits and pieces to make your present look fabulous without breaking the bank!

Alternatively, find your local UK store and head down to browse the tissue paper and accessories we have for sale in person.

Make sure every gift looks its best no matter the occasion by adding a finishing touch with our coloured tissue paper. From wrapping gifts to adding to present boxes, tissue paper makes it easy to give everyone a beautiful-looking gift without all the fuss.