Keep them guessing with our gift boxes!

Our online selection of decorative gift boxes features all kinds of gorgeous designs for sale. From small to large present boxes and everything in between, you’ll discover the perfect option for your heartfelt gift. There’s also flat-pack boxes and sets of different sizes to help keep what's inside a mystery until the time comes for the lucky recipient to open it up!

Why choose traditional gift wrap when you can transform their presents with a beautiful box instead? Our UK selection of decorative gift boxes includes tonnes of different designs, from stars, spots and stripes to stylish geometric patterns.

Our flat-pack present boxes come in small, medium, large and jumbo sizes online – making them ideal for lots of little gifts or one larger present. They’re super easy to deliver and store until it's time to celebrate – and constructing them is simple too!

We also stock a variety of ready-made glittery gift boxes and other beautiful designs that are ideal for family, friends, partners and more. Our small boxes are perfect for jewellery and other tiny trinkets for example, and many come with gorgeous finishing touches such as ribbon bows and gift tags.

If you’ve got that special someone a selection of different gifts, why not check out our matching sets of 3 or 4 different sizes for sale? These present boxes look beautiful stacked up and can be stored inside each other to make life easy.

There are ways to go even further too. Add tissue paper to keep building the excitement even after they’ve opened the box – or sprinkle gorgeous foiletti and confetti inside to make it extra special.

If you need something safe and stylish to put your gift boxes in, we stock a selection of gorgeous gift bags online too. With all the effort you’ve put in on the wrapping they’ll be delighted before they even see what’s inside!