Festive cards your daughter will love 

Find a traditional, contemporary or funny daughter Christmas card for all ages, including personalised designs. For grown-up daughters, we have Xmas cards featuring classic festive scenes and sentimental verses showing her how much she means to you.

If your daughter is a child or toddler, our cute Christmas cards for kids are perfect. You may even find a card including some of her favourite cartoon characters. Planning on popping some cash in her card? Did you know we have a selection of money wallets available, too?

As well as a fantastic selection of women’s Christmas cards, we also have 100s of Christmas cards for couples available online, including daughter and partner cards sure to make them both smile this festive season.

Fabulous Christmas gifts for daughters

As well as special cards, we also offer great value daughter gifts. For older daughters, we have homeware, keepsakes and even jewellery available, along with classy wrap and bags to make her present look beautifully festive.

For little girls, discover something perfect in our kids Christmas gifts range, which includes everything from cuddly toys to storybooks and nursery décor. Or, if it’s a Christmas gift for a teen you need, there’s plenty to pick from to suit every kind of daughter.