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Father’s Day Quotes & Messages

Father’s Day Quotes & Messages

What to write in a Father’s Day Card – Father’s Day Quotes & Verses

Sunday, June 16th 2019 marks the perfect opportunity for you to thank your dad, step dad, grandad or another special man in your life for everything they do. But when it comes to sharing the love, it can be difficult finding the right words – especially when it comes to writing their Father’s Day card!

But there’s no need to worry – we’re here to give you a bit of inspiration! Check out our collection of quotes and verses to help make their Father’s Day amazing. Whether you’re searching for something sentimental, funny, or simple, we have all kinds of wonderful words to choose from, to help make this Father’s Day their best one yet!

 Father’s Day Messages for Dad

“Wishing a brilliant Father’s Day to the greatest Dad in the history of ever!”

“Thanks for being there for me every time I need you, Dad. Happy Father’s Day”

“If I could have any Dad in the world - I’d choose you. Happy Father’s Day

“For a great Dad who is fun, smart and always kinds. Love you lots”

“So lucky to have such a brilliant Dad. Enjoy your day”

“You may be an embarrassing Dad - but you’re my embarrassing Dad. Wouldn’t have you any other way - love you!”

Father’s Day Messages For Daddy

“My Daddy holds my little hand and loves me with his big heart. Happy Father’s Day”

“For my lovely Daddy on Father’s Day. Love from your mini-me”

“Thanks for all the fun we have, Daddy. Love you lots x”

“Of all the daddies in the world - so glad you’re mine! With love and cuddles on Father’s Day”

Father’s Day Messages for Grandad

“For my warm & generous Grandad with lots of love on Father’s Day”

“Hope this Father’s Day brings you lots to chuckle and smile about. Love you, Grandad x”

“Only the best dads get promoted to GRANDAD. Happy Father’s Day”

“Wishing you a Father’s Day that’s as special as you, Grandad”

Father’s Day Messages For Step Dad

“From the minute we became family you’ve been there for me in all the ways that matter. Sending thanks on Father’s Day”

Father’s Day Messages For Any Recipient

“Thanks for bringing so much sunshine into my life. Happy Father’s Day”

“Relax and enjoy the perfect day you deserve. Happy Father’s Day”

“You’re one in a million. Have a great Father’s Day”

“Thank you for filling our family life with fun. Happy Father’s Day”

“Thanks for all the lovely times we’ve shared. Happy Father’s Day”

“Hope your day is filled with all the things that make you happy. Happy Father’s Day”

“Looking back on happy memories - so many include you. Thanks for always being there. Happy Father’s Day”

“Whatever we do. Wherever we go, one things stays the same…I love you”

“Hope you have the perfect day from start to finish. With love on Father’s Day”

“One day I hope to grow up just like you! Happy Father’s Day”

“I simply think the world of you! Have a great. Father’s Day”

“Hope you have a day that’s as brilliant as you! Happy Father’s Day”

“Thank you for all your care and support over the years. Happy Father’s Day”

“Love you to the moon and back again. Happy Father’s Day”

“Hope Father’s Day brings you as much happiness as you bring to everyone else. Have a wonderful day”

“No matter how big I get. I know I can always count on you. Happy Father’s Day”

Father’s Day Messages From Across The Miles

“Even though you’re far away my thoughts are all with you today. Happy Father’s Day”

Father’s Day Messages For Husband

“Thank you for being such a great Dad and a brilliant Husband, too. Love you lots x”

“Hey, Husband, don’t we make cute offspring! Happy Father’s Day, Handsome”

Father’s Day Messages For Boyfriend

“On Father’s Day to a loving Boyfriend and an amazing Dad…thanks for all you do”

Father’s Day Quotes & Messages – if you need a little inspiration…

Sunday, June 16th is the perfect day to say thankyou to your dad for everything he does. It’s a day that’s supposed to be allabout him – and he deserves it! We know you want to make him feel appreciated,which is why we’re here to help you decide exactly what to write in yourFather’s Day card.

Father’s Day 2019 is your chance to send special wishes toyour dad, but to also honour the other special men in your life. Whether it’syour grandad, step dad or even your husband or boyfriend, they’re a much-lovedrole model, and deserve to be spoiled for all the ways they’ve helped you out!

While a Father’s Day Giftis always appreciated, we’re of the opinion that a specially chosen card is thebest and most personal way to wish him a Happy Father’s Day. Why? Because theycontain words you’ve chosen or written yourself! To make the words inside yourpersonalised Father’sDay card even more heartfelt this year, we’ve created this handylist of quotes for you.

We offer a wide variety of cards you can personalise with a name andrelation, as well as a message inside – making them ideal for adding your veryown Father’s Day verse or quote. This means you get to say thank you and “Ilove you” in your own unique way.

A lot of the verses you see on this page can also be explored in ourVerse Finder. This tool allows you access to our collection of favouritemessages, which you can browse while customising a specific card. Simply clickon the quote you like, and add it straight into the inside of your Father’s Daycard.

Speaking of personalising your cards, you’ll be pleased to hear we alsosupply a wide range of photo cards! Our PhotoFather’s Day cards allow you to share a special memory or remindthem of a time you’ve shared together.

Thanks to us, there are many different ways you can make your Father’sDay card more personal on June 16th 2019. Explore them all today!