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Small Father's Day gifts that make a big difference

Sometimes, being a little bit sentimental goes a long way, especially on a special occasion like Father's Day. Letting your dad, stepdad or grandad know that he is loved and appreciated will help make June 16th even better for him and is easily achieved with the perfect present.

You don't need to go big with a Father's Day gift to make an impact, our range of keepsakes and trinkets allow you to say something from the heart and will give him a fab reminder of how much you care. Even better, our trinket gifts can be personalised, making them even more special. 

With personalised gifts available from just £4.99, you can put your own mark on a present in minutes, letting him know that you're thinking of him. Choose from everything including paperweights, lighters, glass tokens and hip flasks, all of which can have a message or name added to them.

Each of our keepsake and trinket gifts is carefully and expertly engraved with what you want to say, creating a unique present with that brilliant personal touch. All you need to do is choose the present you think he'll like and go on to the product page.

You'll then be able to add your message or name by typing in the text boxes beside the product image. These will show you the character limit you have to work with, so you can make sure that your message fits perfectly. 

Once you're happy with what you've written, you can preview your gift to ensure there are no mistakes, as we'll engrave exactly what you write, and that everything looks great. Then you just have to add your present to your basket and check out - easy!

But it isn't just the best gift we have, you'll also find a huge selection of Father's Day cards to choose from. Wish him a brilliant day in the perfect way by taking a look at our in-store, personalised and photo cards, all from only 99p!

Create your own card or choose one of our exclusive handmade in-store designs, helping you wish every amazing guy you know the best possible Father's Day.