Safely store your surprises with our Christmas present boxes

There are some presents that are too fragile or fiddly to wrap. Or maybe you just want your Xmas presents to look that bit more special? Whatever it is, find the perfect solution in our range of Christmas gift boxes for sale.

You can choose from a range of colours and styles online, from classy silver Christmas boxes to playful polka dot designs. They come in different sizes too, making them ideal whether your presents are small, large or in-between.

Buying a set of three is convenient if you need multiple options for different friends and family members. All our Christmas gift boxes come with lids, making transport safe and easy. Our flat-pack boxes meanwhile are easily folded away to save space on storage until you’re ready to use them.

Most of our Christmas present boxes come with handy tags attached, so all you need to do is think of something funny or heartfelt for your recipient to read. You could add some tissue paper inside to create a soft bed for your gift.

Whatever your style, browse our cardboard Christmas boxes online or in our UK stores before the big day.