Wrap up a festive surprise with our Christmas hamper kits

Hamper baskets are an attractive, convenient gift-wrapping option that can easily become a present in themselves. And whether you need to store food, toys or other related gifts, we’ve got everything you could want to make your own hamper.

Create an appealing bed for your presents with our tissue paper sets for sale. We stock a range of colours online including red, navy and silver, plus star-patterned sheets for that extra Xmas sparkle. Our shredded tissue paper meanwhile is ideal for hiding surprises.

Do you need to tie any of your presents together? Our ribbon is a classy way to keep multiple presents organised. Alternatively, build suspense by making your hamper that bit harder to open.

When it’s time to add that finishing touch to your DIY Christmas hamper, look no further than our tags and bows. Why not leave a heartfelt message for the recipient to read before opening their hamper basket?

Whatever your festive style, take your gift wrapping to the next level with our Christmas hamper kits.