Cards to show you care

Knowing that people are thinking of us really means a lot, so why not show someone else you’re thinking of them when they need it most? Discover our carefully selected collection of cards to show your support to a loved one, no matter what it is they’re going through.

Personalised cards to support loved ones through life’s tough moments

We’re here for everyone through the good times and the bad. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of unique and thoughtful cards for those who could use words of encouragement, sympathy or support.

By creating a personalised card, you can show your loved one that they’re never alone, and that you’ll always be here for them whatever they’re going through. Our personalised sentiment cards are easy to create and are guaranteed to make a difference to someone’s day.

Encourage & empower with the perfect cards

Online, we offer cards for mental health support, cards to help loved ones through cancer and other illnesses, and cards for those battling with addiction or working through recovery. You can add your own special messages inside each card to suit your loved one perfectly.

Are they going through a time of great change? Send them a card to support them through a break-up, or a card to empower them to be their best. We even have a selection of cards for those going through the menopause - perfect for putting a positive spin on what can be a difficult time.

If they’re dealing with the loss of a loved one, we have some heartfelt sympathy cards to choose from. Or, if it’s you who’d like to make amends following a fall-out between you and a friend, we also have some lovely sorry cards available too.