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“Tea Makes Everything Better” Sentiment Mug

Product Description
This mug reads “Tea Makes Everything Better”, something that many British people can definitely agree with, and a positive way of looking at the world.

Key Features
  • “Tea Makes Everything Better” Sentiment on both sides
  • Turquoise colour
  • Square turquoise gift box
This mug is a must-have for tea lovers, loudly proclaiming exactly the thing they’ve been saying all along. Tea makes everything better. You may not agree, but someone who does will definitely appreciate this colourful, happy-going mug.
Buy this for a tea-loving friend for a birthday, anniversary, christmas or just because you want to.

  • Box: H 14cm x W 14cm x D 9cm
  • Mug: H 9.5cm x D 8cm
  • Ceramic
Care Instructions:
This mug is intended to be used for hot drinks.
Before use it is recommended the mug is placed in a sink and, taking care, filled with boiling water.
Leave to stand for one minute. Empty and wash before use.
NOT suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.
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