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“Sorry if I Look Interested, I’m Not!” Travel Mug

Product Description
This mug contains a perfect put down for the sarcastic business person on the go. “Sorry if I Look Interested, I’m Not!” The black mug with green lid helps the message stand out and is sure to provide someone with a chuckle.

Key Features
  • Black and Green Design
  • “Sorry if I Look Interested, I’m Not!” phrase
  • Ceramic mug
  • Green Silicone lid
This mug is a great gift for co-workers and maybe even bosses, or just a grumpy friend or family member you know. The idea of a mug that tells people to shut up for you is a gift that keeps on giving.
Buy this as a birthday present or secret santa for christmas, for a grumpy person you know who’s too busy to put people down themselves.

  • Box: H 15cm x W 10cm x D 10cm
  • Mug: H 15cm x D 6cm (base) 8.5cm (top)
  • Ceramic mug, silicone lid
Care Instructions:
This mug is intended to be used for hot drinks.
Before use it is recommended the mug is placed in a sink and, taking care, filled with boiling water.
Leave to stand for one minute. Empty and wash before use.
Suitable for microwave and dishwasher use. Please Note: Remove silicone lid before placing in microwave or dishwasher.
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