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Enjoy an extra sweet Christmas.

Christmas gives us all a great excuse to indulge in all of our favourite festive goodies. From steaming mugs of hot chocolate with plenty of marshmallows to mice pies and chocolate coins, if you can’t break your diet at Christmas, when can you?

This is why sweets and treats also make the best Christmas gifts, as everyone will be happy for a reason to enjoy their favourites before their New Year’s resolutions kick in. 

They’ll also be happy to have an excuse not to share their chocolates, after all, those are the rules if they’re given as a gift.

You can give them an extra reason not to share, as well as make the smile on their face even bigger on December 25th by personalising their sweet treats so they know you’ve really put a lot of thought in.

Add their name or a photo to their gift as an extra little touch to make the gift more exciting than if you picked it up in the supermarket.

Send them some sweet season’s greetings with a Personalised Christmas Wreath Chocolate Bar that they can enjoy after their turkey dinner. You can add their name to the front and a message on the back to give it that little extra something.

Those with a super sweet tooth are sure to love opening a Personalised Jar of Season To Be Naughty Strawberry Bonbon, especially as the label gives them an excuse to eat as many as they like!

If you also want to give them something that will last a lot longer – even if it doesn’t taste quite as delicious – find a lovely and meaningful personalised Christmas gift that will help keep them smiling every day until next Xmas.

Just try not to eat their present before you wrap it!