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Say “Happy Birthday” in a unique way with a card from our personalised range

It’s quick and easy to create a memorable birthday card that they are sure to love. Our personalised cards are only available online and are totally exclusive to us because we design and make them ourselves! 

With hundreds of personalised birthday cards to choose from, you’ll be able to find just the right design for everyone with a birthday coming up. Whether they are celebrating a milestone age or you want to ensure they feel special on the day, we have the right card from only 99p!

Personalising your card really couldn’t be any easier, especially as our card creator can be used on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Simply pick the card you want to give them, click “Create Your Card” and follow the easy steps. 

Start by adding text to the front of the birthday card, which you can do by typing in each of the text boxes shown. These will show your character limit so you can make sure the message or name fits and you can easily delete or edit what you write.

If you are creating an any age birthday card, you really can add any age to the front of it, so you can use the same design for numerous people if you wanted to. 

When you’ve added your text, preview your card to make sure it’s right. It’s worth remembering that we print exactly what you write, so this is the time to correct any mistakes!

With our photo birthday cards, once you’ve added text to the front, you can also upload a photo from Facebook, Instagram or your device. Use our editing tools to rotate your photo, zoom in or add a filter effect to make sure it looks totally perfect. 

The final touch is to add a message to the inside of your card. You can either choose to write something that we’ll print in the card for you or leave it blank so you can scribble a birthday greeting when the card arrives. 

If you do go for a printed message, you’ll be able to personalise your card further by changing the size of the text, choosing a different font or by adding emojis to your message. Even better, totally personalising your card means you can send it straight to the recipient!

Now your personalised birthday card is ready to go and you’re all set to surprise them. Of course, you could always make their special day even better by also creating a personalised gift just for them. Just as with our cards, you’ve got loads of choices and our gifts are easy to personalise!