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Moana Pinata

Product Description
Make it the perfect Moana birthday party by getting everyone involved in a super fun game! Our Moana pinata is a brilliant activity for kids and adults, especially as everyone gets a treat at the end!

Fill your pinata with sweets or small toys and hang it up ready for the party to begin. You can then follow the game instructions included to get everyone involved and make your event even more fun.

Key Features:
  • Moana design
  • 5 colourful hanging ribbons
  • Ribbon handles for hanging
  • Instructions included

  1. Fill the pinata with small gifts or sweets before your guests arrive. 
  2. Hang the pinata in an area with plenty of surrounding space. Take care to ensure the ribbons hang free and are visible to all players. 
  3. To start the game, take the first player and position them beneath the pinata with their eyes closed.
  4. Spin the player around under the pinata several times.
  5. Once the player has been sp[un around, all other players count loudly to 10. The player must find a ribbon and pull it within this time. If the player cannot find a ribbon, it is the next player's turn.
  6. If the correct ribbon is pulled, all the gifts will fall to the floor and all the players must try to connect as many as possible.
  7. Only one ribbon will release the gifts. If a player pulls one that doesn't release them, it is the next player's turn.

Dimensions (approximately):

Packet: H 37cm x W 22.5cm D 1.5cm


This product may generate small parts, which may be hazardous, including choking hazards and entanglement/strangulation hazards. Adult supervision is required. 

Not suitable for children under 4-years-old. 
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