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Holographic Age 17 Giant Birthday Badge

Product Description
Celebrate someone turning the special age of 17 with a shimmering giant badge! With a holographic finish, the badge will let everyone at the party know whose birthday it is, and who to give the presents to! Pin it to their clothing, hang it on a wall, or place it on the mantelpiece - the choice is yours!

Our lucky dip means you'll receive 1 of the 2 pictured designs.

Both badges have the number "17" printed on them in big silver lettering. One badge has a funky red and silver design, while the other has dark and light blue stripes. Both designs are finished off with little multi-coloured stars. 

Key Features:
  • 2 designs available
  • Lucky Dip - you receive 1 of 2 designs
  • We'll surprise you!
  • Holographic badge 
  • Can be stood up, pinned on or hung up

Finish: Holographic

Colours: blue, and red and silver 

Dimensions (diameter): 15cm (6”)


This badge is not designed or intended for play by children.
Children should be supervised at all times.

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