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Super Hero Dad Batman Mug and Socks

Product Description
This mug and socks combination is for a real world super hero, a dad who’s always there when you need him most and always able to solve your problems. Featuring Batman’s famous logo and a design inspired by his costume, this mug reads “My dad is the world’s greatest super hero”, along with a pair of Batman logo socks that read “My dad, my super hero”.

Key features:
  • Batman style design and logo
  • “My dad is the world’s greatest super hero” sentiment
  • “My dad, my super hero” socks with Batman logo
Buy this on Father’s Day for a dad who’s your super hero. Treat him to a mug of his favourite hot drink and a nice new pair of socks for a completely cosy and comfy experience.

  • Mug: Ceramic
  • Socks: 97% polyester
  • Mug: H10 x D8cm
Care Instructions:
  • Mug: Before first use wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly. Suitable for use in a dishwasher or microwave.
  • Socks: Machine wash warm. Do not iron. Do not bleach. Do not dry clean. Tumble dry low.

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