Get your notes in order and your dates in check with our personalised notebooks and diaries

Having a diary or planner in your bag or kitchen where it’s easily accessible is so useful. Whether it’s for keeping on top of any appointments and meetings you might have, or when your little one’s next school play or bake sale is, they’re a lot handier than you might think!

Among our collection of personalised notebooks and journals, we also have a range of wedding planners and writing pads which are perfect for keeping on top of everything!

Our personalised notebooks come in lots of different designs, sizes, and with either a hardback or softback cover. They make ideal birthday and Christmas gifts for adults and kids alike, and you can add names and messages to make them extra special.

We even have photo notebooks! Keep your thoughts, feelings, to-do lists and more all in one place, ready for whenever you need them.

Whether you buy one for yourself or you’re gifting one to a close friend or family member, they’re ideal for jotting down notes from venue meetings, supplier costs and so much more!

Like to get your thoughts and feelings down on paper? A journal is the perfect way to do just that. You may keep a sleep diary or even simply enjoy documenting each day as it happens. Whatever your reason for writing, do it in one of the beautiful journals or custom notepads from our collection for sale online or in one of our UK stores.