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Key to their heart

A keyring is a beautiful and practical gift, perfect for any occasion. Use a romantic keyring or split heart keyring as a Valentine’s or anniversary gift. Use a milestone 18th birthday or 21st birthday keyring to commemorate a special occasion. Or just use a keyring to add extra to another present, as a stocking filler or as a small gift to give a friend just because you want to. 

For something really personal, a locket keyring with a photo inside is a wonderful gift, whether it comes in a traditional locket shape or a heart shape instead. Include a personalised message engraved on the outside to remind them how special they are to you.

For a special set of keys, or a special occasion, try a custom keyring with custom engraved message. This slate keyring can be made to say anything you want, ideal for keeping track of a certain set of keys, to the shed for example. For Mother’s day, this Best Mum slate keyring contains a small personal message from you to her.

With a special keyring to remember you by, they’ll never lose track of their keys again.