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Finally, A Wine Glass That Fits My Needs - Wine Bottle Glass

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Product Description
You've arrived home after a somewhat challenging day at work and wilted into your favourite arm chair. At this point, the recognition sets in, that the next twelve hours can be spent however you please. So change into your comfiest of clothes, catch up on your favourite television series and cork that delectable-looking bottle of wine that’s been sat on the counter taunting you since Monday (alright, it’s only Tuesday, but who’s going to tell anyone?).   

Your spot is yours. No need to move... Until, the worst happens. Your glass has run dry! With one quick turn of the head, there is the remainder of the bottle, still sitting there, what feels like acres away, in the very same place you left it….

You're going to have to get up, scuppering all plans you had of doing quite the opposite! What you really need is a glass that can hold an entire bottle, so nightmares like this need not occur again! 

Reading 'Finally! A Wine Glass That Fits My Needs!' in a white script font, this unique glass looks much like a standard bottle of wine, but with an additional wine glass feature at the top. Simply pour in the bottle, get sipping, and say goodbye to that guilty feeling you get when you reach for a top up! 

Thank us later... 

Dimensions: H29cm (glass diameter 7.5cm)

Capacity: 75cl

Material: Non-tempered glass 

Care instructions: Hand-wash only

Please drink responsibly-
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