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Coffee & Latte Glasses - if you need a little inspiration...

Everyone has that friend who is never seen without a take-away coffeecup in hand or who’s first action of the day is to make a large cup of coffee.They are always buzzing on their coffee rush or craving their next one. Ifthey’ve got a birthday or celebration coming up, why not have a look at our rangeof coffee and latte glasses for their perfect gift?

 We’ve got a collection of traditional, glass latte glasses that willmake your loved one’s kitchen feel like their favourite coffee shop.

 Perhaps you’re celebrating Mothers’ Day and believe your mum deserves tohold the latte glass that bears the words ‘World’s Greatest Mum.’ It’s sure tobe a gift that she’ll hold onto forever. With personalisation you can evenchange the name so you’ve got the perfect gift no matter what the occasionwhether Valentine’s day or Fathers’ Day. 

 With a great selection of coffee and latte glasses available, you’resure that your gift will let them know that you love them a latte.