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Father Christmas is on his way!

Christmas Day may be the big celebration, but the day before offers plenty of excitement. It may be great to wake up on December 25th to presents and turkey but Christmas Eve is the time when you can all anticipate how amazing it will be.

The day before Christmas gives you the perfect chance to enjoy some festive movies, celebrate with family and friends or just cosy with a hot drink.

If you have kids, Christmas Eve also means getting ready for Santa, which can be a lot of fun – even if it does make them reluctant to go to bed!

All of this means that preparing for Christmas Eve is important too, especially as no one wants to have to do the mad dash to the shops to grab the things you’ve forgotten.

Make Christmas Eve just as special for your family by ensuring it’s part of the main event. 

Get the house ready for Father Christmas by leaving a key out for him and popping some of his favourite biscuits out on his own plate. 

Make sure everyone is relaxed with their Christmas Eve socks and a full mug of hot chocolate as you prepare for the madness of the next day.

We’ve got everything you need for a great night before Xmas, from games to decoration. You can even get a bundle of all our great Christmas Eve goodies to help everyone be fully prepared.

Then all you’ll need to do is get to bed early ready for Santa!