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Cornucopia Scented Candle Collection - if you need a little inspiration...

The Cornucopia scented candle collection is inspired by the essence of nature, taking all of life’s most amazing, inspiring scents and creating a luxury scented candle collection that anyone will adore. Some of the most famous scents you can imagine are mixed into these candles, designed to help you relax and enjoy yourself for a quiet evening alone, a small get together at home or a romantic night in.

Each candle comes in a tall glass that lets the vivid, lively colour come through, enhanced by a beautiful picture of the scent it represents.Even if you never find the right moment to light it, these candles look gorgeous as ornaments on your coffee table, mantelpiece or ornament shelf. An airtight glass stopper helps keep the scent and the wax fresh so that it’s always as good as new whenever you do get the opportunity. 

Once lit, the candle flame will dance inside the glass jar throwing pretty reflections around itself, something amazing to watch in a quiet moment. The scents that fill the air from each candle are glorious, and really capture the mood they aim for. Try a rejuvenating spa or ocean paradise scent for a relaxing bath time experience, wild raspberry for a more lively party atmosphere or vanilla or coffee bean for those romantic evenings together.