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Add a sweet aroma to your home...

Sweet smells

Our scented candle collection is full of amazingly crafted, traditional candle scents that any candle lover will appreciate. Whether you’re looking for something soothing and sweet, something spicy and exciting or something fruity and fun, you'll be sure to find the scent for you!

The uniquely shaped Apothecary candles beautiful ornaments as well as delightful scents. Whether they’re used until they’re finished or never even started, these medicine jar style candles look great on a coffee table, mantelpiece or ornament shelf. The cork topper serves a double purpose to keep the scents fresh for longer while also adding to the vintage apothecary look.

The Cornucopia scented candle collection is inspired by the essence of nature, taking all of life’s most amazing, inspiring scents and creating a luxury scented candle collection that anyone will adore. Some of the most famous scents you can imagine are mixed into these candles, designed to help you relax and enjoy yourself for a quiet evening alone, a small get together at home or a romantic night in.

The Mocktail scented candle collection is an amazing series of candles all based on your favourite cocktails and mixed soft drinks, and every candle is priced at under £3 so they’re a bargain too! Each candle comes in a glass jar detailing the unique scents, everything from the famous Pina Colada to the classic White Russian and the delicious Chocolate Mudslide. These scents are truly unique, like no other candles out there, so they’re bound to go down well with a candle loving, cocktail drinking friend or family member.