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Happy Birthday Light Up Balloons x5

Product Description
Birthday boys and girls alike will love the happy birthday light up balloon. The LED lasts up to 15 hours, plenty of time for any birthday party, and the balloons come in 5 different colours – orange, purple, green yellow and red.

Key Features
  • “Happy Birthday” confetti design
  • LED inside balloon – lasts up to 15 hours
  • Inflation band included
  • Deflation stickers included
These are great for a surprise party, if you can get the birthday person out of the house for a little while to set them up (it’s hard to hide a pile of glowing balloons!) but they work equally well for any birthday party, adding light and life to an already exciting occasion.
Buy a 5 pack of happy birthday light up balloons for the birthday party your planning. Ideal for any birthday at any age.

  • Orange, Purple, Green, Yellow, Red
  • Diameter of inflated balloon 23cm
  • Latex
Please Note:
Do not inflate the balloon past the maximum size. A balloon pump is recommended.
Not recommended for helium gas.
Contains non-replaceable batteries.
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