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21st Birthday Gift Mug - "Actual Grown Up"

Product Description
The “actual grown up” twenty-first birthday gift mug has a soft green and white theme and hand-styled font that makes it feel warm and welcoming.

Key Features:
  • Spotted & Striped gift box
  • 21 and “Actual Grown Up” design on both sides
  • Green and white theme
Twenty one marks the final milestone on the road to adulthood, and now that they’re there, the birthday boy or girl has become an “actual grown up”. This mug should help them with the transition, giving them something to drink coffee from to keep them going! Alternatively, it makes a beautiful ornament and keepsake.
Buy this twenty first birthday mug for an actual grown up who needs something to drink their coffee from.

  • Box: H 14.5cm x W 14.5cm x D 9cm
  • Mug: H 9cm x D 8cm
  • Ceramic
Care Instructions:
This mug is intended to be used for hot drinks.
Before use it is recommended the mug is placed in a sink and, taking care, filled with boiling water.
Leave to stand for one minute. Empty and wash before use.
Suitable for microwave and dishwasher use.
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