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A personal way to welcome the brand-new arrival

Say hello to a new little baby and congratulate the proud parents with a personalised card. We have beautiful designs to choose from - all of which can be customised in some way to make them extra special. Whether you're searching for a boy or girl themed card; a modern or traditional design, you'll find what you're looking for in our selection.

Add the new baby's name, date of birth, and/or a special message to the front of our beautifully designed personalised cards to help the whole family celebrate their new addition. We stock square cards, as well as rectangular cards in 3 different sizes... so the options are virtually endless!

Did you know we stock a wide range of photo cards too? You can choose any photo you like - why not go for a baby scan, or a snap of the new born at just a few hours old? By doing this, you're not only creating a beautiful card, but a keepsake the whole family can look back on from time to time.

Of course, personalised new baby cards aren't the only ones we have available. Why not take a look at some of our in-store designs as well? Our non-personalised new baby boy or girl cards all come with sentimental verses and gorgeous art work, so they're just as special as our personalised options.

When you've chosen the perfect card, it's time to find the right gift for the little one. Our gifts for babies page lists everything from soft toys and comforters to keepsakes, ornaments and homeware like wall art and canvasses. 

Just like our cards, many of our new baby presents can be personalised with text and photos, but we also have gorgeous gifts you may have already seen in store. Whatever you choose, the new baby and his or her proud family are sure to love and cherish it!