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Ding dong the bells are going to chime!

Whether they are having a big wedding with everyone they know or keeping it small and intimate, it is a special day that deserves to be commemorated. This is why we have a beautiful selection of in-store wedding cards so you can send a wonderful wish to the newlyweds to help them start off their married life together.

All of our wedding cards are totally exclusive because they are designed and made by us. This means we can pass our savings onto you, so you can choose a fabulous card from as little as 99p! It also means that whether you're part of the big day or are celebrating with them from afar, you can give the happy couple a card that says it all. 

Many of our wedding cards are also handmade, so you know that a lot of care has gone into ensuring they look as great as possible. We add extras like glitter, diamantes, ribbons and sequins to create fab cards that really look the part but don't cost you a fortune. 

As well as looking incredible, each of the cards also has a heartfelt message written by us. From short and sweet greetings that say it all in a few words to brilliant verses that are sure to make them feel really special, we've got a message for every couple. 

The fact that we have the message covered too means that all you need to do is sign your name and pop your card in the envelope provided. Of course, we've also made sure there's room for you to write something extra if you want to put your own spin on it. 

If you do want to say something more, you can also choose from our personalised wedding cards. The range is available exclusively online and allows you to create a unique and special card in just moments. Add names, messages or photos to our brilliant designs, as well as a message of your own to the inside of the card.

Even better, you can choose to send personalised cards straight to the happy couple, which is perfect if you aren't attending their wedding. 

Now all you need is a wedding gift - and we have those covered too! Treat them to a thoughtful present to serve as a keepsake from only £2.99 and let them know you care.