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Special Age Balloons - if you need a little inspiration...

All birthdays are special. But some deserve to be celebrated with a little more flair and excitement. Milestone years and coming of ages are momentous occasions for the birthday boy or girl and should be celebrated in style! Whether they are turning 1 or 60, let them shout about their age with our incredible special age and milestone balloons.

No matter what type of celebration you choose to host, whether a smaller gathering with friends and family or a massive shindig, surprise the guest of honour with some colourful balloons.

Cover the dance floor with multi-coloured small latex balloons or even light up balloons to add more vibrancy to the affair.

Decorate the room and ceiling with numbered foil helium balloons. Our range comes in all shapes and sizes from circular to heart-shaped to star-shaped! If your loved one is a movie fanatic, surprise them with a balloon that features a classic television or movie characters. You’re sure to find something that perfectly fits your theme or suits your birthday boy or girl! 

With children’s ages and milestone ages available, our range of age balloons will definitely brighten up that special birthday party!