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Valentine's Day Quotes & Messages

Valentine's Day Quotes & Messages

Say Happy Valentine's Day in your own special way

February 14th 2020 is the perfect day to let someone special know just how much you care. It’s a day for celebrating all forms of love – including the love you share for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife (or even your parents or pets!). But when it comes to expressing your feelings, it can be hard finding the right words – especially when writing your Valentine’s Day card!

That’s why we’re here to help! We’ve compiled a useful list of Valentine’s Day messages for him and for her – so you’re sure to find the perfect quote to sum up how you feel. Whether you’re looking for something sentimental or would prefer something funny, we have the perfect message to make them smile on Feb 14th. You can explore them all below...

Messages suitable for any recipient:

“You have my heart, will you be mine?”

“We've got great chemistry, I always react well to you!”

“I love you today, as I have from the start
and I'll love you forever, with all of my heart”

“Sending you all the love in the world
on this very special day”

“With you I am home...
no matter where we are”

“I've got a huge crush on you...
won't you be my Valentine?”

Messages for your husband:

"I'm so lucky to call the most amazing guy in the world, 'my Hubby'"

"Thank you for being my friend, my rock, my husband, my life"

"Life is a wonderful adventure with a husband like you by my side"

"You are my universe, thanks for lighting up my world"

"Thank you for being my happy place, I love you"

"Here's to today's happiness, yesterday's memories
and tomorrow's dreams...I love you"

Messages for your wife:

"For my wonderful wife -
you're my forever and always"

"With lots of love and kisses
to my very special Mrs"

"Thanks for filling my heart and my world
with love and happiness"

"I just want to take you in my arms
and make you feel safe and loved, forever" 

"You never fail to amaze me -
you're a wonderful wife and a perfect mum"  

"I may not say it often enough
but it's always in my heart...I love you"

Messages for your girlfriend:

"You make me feel like
the luckiest guy in the world" 

"I love you to the moon and back
Happy Valentine's Day"

"You're beautiful on the outside and in
With love and kisses on Valentine's Day"

"You make me feel great all over...
some parts more than others!"

"Every day I spend with you
becomes my new best day of all"

"You're the kind of girl who
lights up the room when you walk in
Happy Valentine's Day, my gorgeous girlfriend"

Messages for your boyfriend:

"Our love was written in the stars...
thanks for making my world shine bright"

"I couldn't wish for a better boyfriend than you -
I love every minute we spend together"

"You swept me off my feet, you're my every dream come true"

"Just looking at you makes me smile
and go all warm and fuzzy inside!"

"Everything is perfect in the world
when I'm in your arms"

"Happy Valentine's Day to my absolutely amazing,
seriously sensational, totally terrific boyfriend!"

Messages for your fiancé:

"Life with you is a wonderful journey...
can't wait to see where married life takes us"

"I can't wait until the day
I can call you my hubby!
With love, always"

"You're my forever & always...
My happy ever after
With love on Valentine's Day"

"You're 'The One' -
you always have been,
you always will be"

"Ours is the greatest love story -
can't wait for the married chapters!"

"You've always been my Mr Right -
can't wait to be your Mrs!"

Messages for your fiancée:

"With love on Valentine's Day
to my best friend, the love of my life
and soon-to-be wife"

"It feels like I struck gold when I met you -
can't believe I'm lucky enough to be
marrying the girl of my dreams"

"Our hearts are growing closer,
our love is growing stronger
and our future is growing brighter"

"Roses are, violets are blue -
not long now until we say, 'I do'!"

"Each day has been just perfect
since you walked into my life
and I just cannot wait
to tell the world that you're my wife!"

"My beautiful Valentine and fiancée -
I love you to the moon and back"