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“World’s Best Teacher” Hugs Mug

Product Description
The “World’s Best Teacher” is one whose hard work and dedication have helped you through school, whether it’s your toughest subject or just an inspiring presence that made you want to learn. The mug comes in a cute, doodle-style designed gift box that makes it perfect as a display piece as well as a working mug.

Key Features
  • “World’s Best Teacher” sentiment
  • Cute Hugs Bear design
  • Doodle-style design gift box
This mug is a small token of appreciation for a teacher who’s worked hard for you, and who has helped you through a tough time at school. Whether it was their inspiring presence or their dedication to helping you learn, this mug will remind them it was all worth it for you.
Buy this to say thanks to a teacher whose hard work and dedication have paid off for you.

  • Ceramic
  • Gift Box: H11 x W14.5 x D11cm
  • Mug: H9 x D8.5cm
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