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Mr & Mr Wedding Mug Set

Product Description
Put a smile on the grooms' faces on their big day with our cute matching mug set. Perfect for the new husbands, both mugs have "Mr" written on them in silver, along with matching heart-shaped handles. They also have quotes along the inside rim, which go together to create a love-filled message. 

The white mugs are simple and stylish, making them ideal for the morning after their big day and as keepsakes. They'll arrive in a lovely grey and silver box, so you just need to pop them in a gift box. 

Key Features:
Set of two white mugs
2x Mr mugs
Silver writing
“When two hearts belong together…” message on rim of one mug
“…happiness will last forever…” message on rim of second mug
Presented in a silver and grey box
Delivered with price sticker on box

Dimensions (approximately):

Box: H 11cm x W 28.5cm x D 9.5cm
Mugs: H 10cm x D 8.5cm



Hygiene and Safety:

These mugs are intended to be used for hot drinks.

Before use, it is recommended that these mugs are placed in a sink and, taking care, filled with boiling water. Leave to stand for one minute. Empty and wash before.


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