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Pink Home Sweet Home Door Stop

Product Description
Do you like to have the doors open in your home, mainly so you can keep an eye on what your mischievous family are getting up to, but also to feel closer to everyone as they get on with things in separate rooms. 

You're constantly asking your youngest why the door is closed, only to hear that 'the wind pushed it shut'. Stop the pesky wind from ruling your household when you invest in a sturdy doorstop, perfect for fighting strong gusts. 

This quirky and colourful stop resembles a handbag, with a blue top and two red buttons either side. The pink face boasts the message 'Home sweet home' in white, turquoise and yellow stitching, and a yellow roof design sits elegantly above. The sides and handle are a bright yellow. 

Dimensions (approx.): H20 x W15 x D8cm

Colour: Pink & yellow
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