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Pink & Silver Luxury Bow & Curling Ribbon Set

Product Description
Do you want to make your gift stand out? Do you enjoy adding a special touch to your wrapping paper? This bow and curling ribbon combination will set your gift apart from the rest and dazzle the recipient.

The bow is a sensational purple that can be placed on the front or top of a gift. In the right light it will glisten!

Compliment it with the silver curling ribbon that can be draped over the sides. Use it to decorate darker wrapping to create a visual extravaganza for the senses!

The set includes two bows and the curling ribbon. Both bows have self-adhesive tabs on the back, making it easy to stick them to packaging.

How Do I Use Curling Ribbon?

Once you’ve tied the ribbon around your present or gift bag, open your scissors as wide as they’ll go. Take hold of one piece of the ribbon, nearest to the knot, and place over one of the scissor blades. The matte, grain side should be on the blade, with the glossy finish on top. Hold the ribbon on top of the scissors using your thumb and quickly slide the blade to the end of the ribbon. Once you let go, your ribbon will be curly.

Want to make your ribbon really curly? The firmer your grip as you pull the ribbon along the scissor blade, the curlier it’ll be!

Please take care when using scissors to curl the ribbon as scissor blades can be very sharp. 

Colour: Silver, Pink

Material: Foil

Dimensions:  Bow: H10 x W10 x D4cm Ribbon: L10m (W0.5cm)
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