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Personalised 70th Birthday Canvas 12 x 16 Inches (Landscape) - Teal & Silver

Product Description
This beautiful canvas print comes stretched across a sturdy wooden frame, meaning it can be hung up on any wall. The design shows a central teal coloured tile, inside which you can add the age of the recipient, to complete the fun "looks great on you" message. Around the outside of the tile are 6 spaces for you to personalise with any photos you like. We recommend using some snaps from special moments in your loved one's life so far to really make them smile.

Key features:
  • 12 x 16-inch canvas print
  • Landscape oriented 
  • Teal and silver design
  • "Looks great on you!" message
  • Can be personalised with any age and 6 photos 
  • Wooden frame
How Do I create my canvas?

To create your canvas, click ‘create your canvas’ to personalise it by typing any age into the text box, which will also show you a character limit. 

Then, upload a photo or photos (depending on the design you’ve chosen) directly from your phone or computer, or via your Facebook or Instagram account.

To edit the photo, change its position, zoom in or out, or rotate it. You can also add effects to the photo.

Click 'preview canvas' to see what your canvas will look like. 

Size: H 30.48cm x W 40.64cm x D 1.8cm
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