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Neon Green Large Gift Bag with Black Tissue Paper

Product Description
This large, green, glossy bag makes a bold statement both in size and colour. The bright green will catch people’s eye, even if the size doesn’t. Inside the bag, black tissue paper will help you hide the present itself, no matter whether you’ve wrapped it beforehand.

Key Features
  • Green, gloss finish
  • Black ribbon handle
  • Green circle gift tag
  • Includes black tissue paper

Use this gift bag’s size t your advantage. You can use it as a different way of wrapping an awkwardly shaped gift when wrapping paper simply won’t work, or to deliver multiple presents at Christmas, joint birthdays or all to one person.

Buy this bag to deliver awkward to wrap presents, large presents or multi-part gifts in a stylish way.

  • Gloss
  • Green
  • H 33cm x W 26.5cm x D 14cm

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