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Keepsake Card - Angel Of Protection

Product Description
Whether they’re always travelling with work or have moved away to a new city, let treasured friends and family members know how much they mean to you with a keepsake card.  

Designed to fit into a credit card slot inside their purse or wallet, the double-sided, plastic card is printed with a poem on the front, so they can carry comforting words with them every day. 

With space on the back for a few handwritten sentiments, it’s a wonderful way to carry loving words from a friend or family member, wherever life takes them.

Cover message: Angel Of Protection...If you're feeling apprehensive of what may lie ahead and all you're facing every day is loneliness and dread...Don't worry because soon you'll see a feather on the ground which is a very special sign to show you I'm around...And I will shield you with my wings no matter what you do so never fear, your angel's here always protecting you

Back message: Especially For You...To...From

Envelope Colour: Cream

Material: Plastic

Dimensions (approx.): H8.5 x W5.5cm
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