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Keepsake Card - Angel Of Love

Product Description
Whether they’re always travelling with work or have moved away to a new city, let treasured friends and family members know how much they mean to you with a keepsake card.  

Designed to fit into a credit card slot inside their purse or wallet, the double-sided, plastic card is printed with a poem on the front, so they can carry comforting words with them every day. 

With space on the back for a few handwritten sentiments, it’s a wonderful way to carry loving words from a friend or family member, wherever life takes them.

Cover message:  Angel Of Love...When you feel that no one loves you and all that you can see is fear and loneliness ahead just put your trust in me...For heaven send me down to earth to be your friend and guide so please, don't ever feel alone...I'm right here by your side...Just remember that you're special to this angel from above and I promise that you'll always be surrounded by my love

Back message: Especially For You...To...From

Envelope Colour: Pink

Material: Plastic

Dimensions (approx.): H8.5 x W5.5cm
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