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Mr. & Mrs. Hugs Champagne Flutes

Product Description
These “Mr” and “Mrs” champagne flutes follow a softer design than most, aiming for the traditional Hugs adorable style, perfect for an adorable couple on their wedding day. The effect is even greater when the champagne flutes are kept as decorative pieces in the beautiful Hugs gift box.

Key Features:
  • “Mr” and “Mrs” with love hearts
  • Reflective gold text
  • Hugs “With Love” gift box
These champagne glasses are great for celebrating with, and also great for putting on display both in and out of the decorative Hugs packaging they arrive in.

Buy these as a cute gift for the wedding day, or to help the newlyweds feel comfortable and get started in their new home when they come back from the honeymoon.

  • Gift box: H26 x W15.5 x D8.5cm
  • Flutes: H22.5 x D5cm
  • Glass
Take care when removing the glass from the packaging. The glass is held in place by a gel bud. When removing the glass from the packaging please carefully ease out from the bottom. Wash before first use. Handwash only. Use only warm soapy water and take care when drying.
Not suitable for dishwashers.
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