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Hugs 18th Birthday Heart Key Keepsake

Product Description
Sometimes when people achieve greatness, they are given the key to the city. When we finally reach 18 we imagine the feeling is not dissimilar. It feels like our opportunities are endless. The pub can finally be somewhere we can frequent, we can use fireworks to make our parties go off with a bang, and we can even get married. The world truly feels like our oyster. 

If a loved one is about to turn the grand old age of 18 then why not gift them with their very own key to symbolise the beginning of their adult years? 

This pretty silver keepsake boasts a our character Hugs holding the key with the number 18 written in pink and purple. 

The pale pink box has 'Happy 18th Birthday' written in the top left hand corner in a script like font. A On the back of the box is a space to write who the keepsake if for and from.  

Box dimensions:  H18 x D3 x W12cm

Material: Metal
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