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Gold & Silver Shaded Triangle Large Gift Bag

Product Description
This elegantly designed gift bag is incredibly artistic. The various shades of grey and subtle gold colouring, in patterned triangle style, make this a beauty to look at. Perhaps even so much so they’ll forget there’s a present to open inside!

Key Features
  • Grey and Gold
  • Shaded triangle pattern
  • Light grey string handle
  • Dark grey pennant gift tag
This large gift bag doesn’t just look great, it’s also amazingly handy to avoid having to wrap awkwardly shaped presents, or to help keep lots of smaller presents together.
Buy this for someone who appreciates beautiful simplicity. It’s ideal for larger presents, or delivering multiple small gifts at once.

  • Matte
  • Gold, grey, white
  •   H 32.5cm x W 26.5cm x D 14cm

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