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Father's Day Memorial Card - Special Husband

Product Description
Featuring a beautiful poem on the front, and space for your loving words and memories on the back, this memorial card is a way of paying tribute to a loved one who has passed away.

Made from plastic, so that it can be displayed outside, the memorial keepsake can be paired with a card holder to be placed at their graveside, in the crematorium garden of remembrance, or in a bouquet of flowers.

Cover Message:

  • For a special Husband...Placed with love, on father's day a special little token just to say I miss you and am feeling so heartbroken because you should be here today so I could let you know how grateful I am for the love and care you used to show...You never, ever let me down and I just always knew no matter what life brought to bear that I could count on you...And when it came to being a Dad you really stood the test...You worked so hard to give us simply nothing but your best and even though you're gone one think I know will never die - And that's my love for you for love lives on beyond goodbye.  
Back Message:
  • In Loving Memory
  • Plastic
  • H16.5 x 12cm
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