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Father's Day Memorial Card - Remembering You

Product Description
Featuring a beautiful poem on the front, and space for your loving words and memories on the back, this memorial card is a way of paying tribute to a loved one who has passed away.

Made from plastic, so that it can be displayed outside, the memorial keepsake can be paired with a card holder to be placed at their graveside, in the crematorium garden of remembrance, or in a bouquet of flowers.

Cover Message:

  • Remembering you on father's day - We'll always wonder why heaven has to take the good guys first...why do the best ones always seem to go before the worst?...Why were you taken from us?...Were you needed up above for some divine, far greater plan that we know nothing of?...There must be a good reason for how else can we explain why someone loved so much has gone while others still remain?...When you left it seemed as if a light had just gone out...we wonder, do you know how much you're missed and thought about?...There are so many questions but one thing we know is true - The heaven gained their brightest star the day that we lost you
Back Message:
  • In Loving Memory
  • Plastic
  • H16.5 x 12cm
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