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Engagement Celebration Mugs

Product Description
The engaged life isn’t all champagne and cake tasting. The lucky couple you know might much prefer a cup of tea or coffee to celebrate, or just to put their feet up and relax in the evening. If so, this pair of celebratory engagement mugs is perfect for the “One Lucky Mr.” and his “Soon to be Mrs.”, arriving in a gorgeous mint green and bronze spotted gift box.

Key Features:
  • “One Lucky Mr”, “Soon to Be Mrs”
  • Gold reflective text
  • Mint green gift box with bronze spots & ribbon
These mugs are a great engagement gift regardless of whether they get used or not. They look gorgeous in their beautifully designed gift box and shine with all the love of a newly engaged couple. 

Buy these mugs for a lucky couple who are soon to be married. They make great mugs and even better ornaments.

  • Gift box: H20.5 x W14 x D9.5cm
  • Mugs: H9 x D8cm

  • Ceramic
Hygiene and Safety:
These mugs are intended to be used for hot drinks. Before use it is recommended the mugs are placed in a sink and, taking care, filled with boiling water. Leave to stand for one minute. Empty and wash before use.
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