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Disney Frozen Large Activity Gift Bag

Product Description
Everyone’s favourite Walt Disney princesses Ana and Elsa are the main feature on this large gift bag, making it just perfect for your little girl’s birthday. With flowers and butterflies also decorating the gift bag, this gift bag is sure to suit the beautiful gift inside.

Key Features 
  • Light blue background
  • Ana and Elsa surrounded by colourful butterflies and flowers
  • Hot pink string handle
  • Circular gift tag
  • Activity on the back 
This large gift bag not only looks great but is perfect for those gifts too troublesome to wrap, holding either a larger gift or a collection of smaller ones. An activity at the back of the bag means that the fun doesn’t end even after the gifts have been opened!

Finish: Matte

Colour: Light blue, pink, yellow, turquoise 

Dimensions: H 32.5cm x W 26.5cm x D 14cm
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