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Chop away!

The sound of a knife dicing away on a chopping board is a familiar one, whether it’s the kitchen master who can dice at a hundred miles an hour or grandma chopping away in preparation for that delicious Sunday roast. If they’ve got a celebration or birthday coming up, a brand new chopping board might just be the best gift for them to replace that worn out chopping board. 

Have a look at our fantastic collection of fine wooden chopping boards which are sure to please any chef or baker in the family. Personalise the board with your loved one’s name or initials and watch them smile at a board that reads ‘keep calm and carry on chopping’ or ‘mum’s kitchen.’

Perhaps you want to give your teenager a circular chopping board as they fly the nest and begin to learn to cook for themselves. 

If you know someone celebrating an anniversary or an engagement, why not give them the gift of food made with love when you present them with a heart-shaped board as they move into their new home. 

For the one who likes to jive whilst they cook, why not present them with a guitar-shaped chopping board for their birthday? 

Return the love that your loved one has been putting into their food for years with this thoughtful and unique gift!