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Beautifully scented...

The Apothecary scented candle collection is full ofamazingly crafted, traditional candle scents that any candle lover willappreciate. From Vanilla to Wild Blueberry, the Apothecary collection has everybase covered, whether you’re looking for something soothing and sweet,something spicy and exciting or something fruity and fun.

The uniquely shaped candle jars make Apothecary candlesbeautiful ornaments as well as delightful scents. Whether they’re used untilthey’re finished or never even started, these medicine jar style candles lookgreat on a coffee table, mantelpiece or ornament shelf. The cork topper servesa double purpose to keep the scents fresh for longer while also adding to thevintage apothecary look.

Apothecary scented candles are well priced to make themgreat gifts for Christmas stockings and secret santas, Mother’s or Father’s daygifts, small birthday presents, romantic Valentine’s or anniversary presents orjust a sign of friendship.

Buy a scented candle alongside another gift to help top itup, or buy them in a group so that they have a whole selection to choose frombased on their mood.